Online Chat With Robert Patrick (Nov 2000)

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Online Chat With Robert Patrick (Nov 2000)

Post by gorgclaud on Fri 24 Jun 2011, 10:47

Not sure if any of you guys have seen this before. I had a long time ago. Its nice to read it again and theres some interesting stuff about Doggett and Scully, thoughts on their relationship. I havent had time to read it all yet!

Found it at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

November 13, 2000

Online Chat With Robert Patrick

FOXcom_Host: Some of you are taking time out of your busy work days (I won't tell your bosses) to chat with Robert Patrick. Thanks for working it into your day!

FOXcom_Host: Robert wanted to make sure he chatted with the X-Philes, and this was the only time he could work into the busy shoot schedule....

FOXcom_Host: Welcome, Robert! Thanks for joining us!

Robert Patrick: Good morning, everybody! I'm chatting right now from my home in Los Angeles, California. I go to work today at 1:30 p.m. Working on Episode 10.

germain: Were you familiar with "The X-Files" prior to joining the cast, and what did you do to prepare for the role of John Doggett?

Robert Patrick: Yes, I was familiar with the show. I watched it many times. I couldn't tune in on a regular basis due to work. It's hard to watch any show regularly. "The X-Files" I did try to catch though. I was always impressed with the writing, acting and production values. What I did to prepare for the role was I had played police officers before, specifically in "Copland" with Stallone. I'd done a lot of ride-alongs with police officers. Believe it or not, I played a bunch of FBI agents too. And that's about all I did to prepare for the role.

esc5: How is it like to be the new guy on the block working with all of the old crew?

Robert Patrick: The crew, the cast and everybody at Ten Thirteen Productions and FOX have made it very easy for me. They really welcomed me to the show. I was a little nervous the first night we filmed, which was the night that the first scene we shot was the scene where Scully and I meet, and she throws water in my face. But after that, it's been just fantastic. Mitch Pileggi and James Pickens and Gillian and David and everybody have been really great as far as being excited about working with me on the show. It's been just a great time. It's a great gig!!

unruhe1121: I enjoy your character... and the chemistry you've created between Gillian Anderson and yourself. What was the hardest part in joining "The X-Files" during season 8? Do you feel like you owe the audience something?

Robert Patrick: First off, thank you for your comments about the chemistry between me and Gillian. As far as the pressure, yes, I do feel a certain amount of pressure to live up to the quality of acting that Gillian and David have had over the last 7 years. So that's the pressure I feel. And that's a good pressure. You want to feel -- at least I do -- you want to feel like you're pushing yourself to be your best with your acting. Certainly, the fact that David and Gillian have done such an incredible job makes me want to live up to that level. I want to do that for the fans as well as for myself.

Misfit138: Mr. Patrick - Do you think the fans will accept you as a replacement for David?

Robert Patrick: I don't see myself as a replacement. Nor do I see the Doggett character as a replacement for Mulder. I see Doggett and my role as a brand new character that has been brought in to investigate Mulder's disappearance. And in no way, nor would I presume that I could ever replace Mulder or David Duchovny. But I'm confident I can bring a new character to the show and hopefully people will enjoy him as much as they've enjoyed Fox Mulder.

jefff: Have you talked to David about your role?

Robert Patrick: David and I have sat together and spoken in my trailer, actually. We discussed many things...certain aspects of the writing, his character's background, and I expressed a genuine enthusiasm for joining the show and working with him and Gillian. I just let him know that I think it's a fantastic role, John Doggett. One of the best roles I've ever had the chance to play. I told him how excited I was to be joining the cast and the show. We have some mutual friends and I've known David's wife since about 1992. So we had a few things to talk about.

Primavera: Mr. Patrick- As a loyal Mulder fan I was prepared to hate your character as I did when Agent Spender was introduced. Now after only 2 episodes I think I'm your biggest fan (due partly to your great acting ability and how well Doggett is written). Were you and/or the production at all concerned about how the fan base would receive Doggett's character?

Robert Patrick: Thank you for your comments about Doggett and my portrayal. Glad you're enjoying it. Early on, Chris and Frank Spotnitz talked to me about the role and told me that people might not like the Doggett character or the fact that I'm joining the show. We kind of built that in to the Doggett character and I think that, as you watch the show, you realize that he's a guy that doesn't really care whether he's liked. He's pretty confident. I think he'll win Scully over. I don't mean that in an arrogant way. I mean that Doggett is very confident. He believes in what he's being asked to do and he's going to do it. Bottom line, he's a decent human being with good morals and he's not in there to wreck anybody's career at the FBI. So...that sort of parallels what I have to do as an actor. I have to focus on the work, like Doggett is focusing on finding Mulder and working the X-Files. Like Doggett, I've got to stay focused on the work and nothing else. It'll all take care of itself. I think Doggett is just confident enough with who he is that he's not going to worry about whether people like him or not, and that's what will make people like him eventually. Does that make sense?

Beau: what kind of a response have you been getting from the fans?

Robert Patrick: Well, let's see...I think initially there might have been concerns about the new character and how it would affect their favorite show. I think that's all good! I think after people started to view the show and get an idea of what Doggett was and how he interacts with other characters, they seem to be a little more willing to let him in. I would have to say that after the first show aired, the response has been a helluva lot better than it was initially. And that's encouraging! I won't take credit for the good writing. It truly is just a fantastic character that Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz have created. All the credit goes to them. I'm just thrilled I get to play it.

Nikita: Did you realize how big of a following "The X-Files" had before you joined the cast? How are you reacting to becoming the new focus of X-Files fans?

Robert Patrick: I don't know a lot about TV. So I guess I really didn't realize how big it was. And I think after I got the job, it slowly started to dawn on me that this was a pretty big deal! Now, I am fully aware and I'm very, very excited. It makes me even more excited. My experience in TV has been limited to "The Sopranos" and a couple episodes of "The Outer Limits," and really, the rest of my career is film-based. So, it's exciting for me and I feel very fortunate that my first lead role is in such a major television series. It's been very exciting. I'm thrilled with the response and the attention : )

liveforever: Robert, how much different is doing the "X-Files" compared to "Terminator 2"?

Robert Patrick: Ah-ha! Well, the best way to describe that is for "T2" I had to train physically for 3-4 months prior to filming and then we shot it in 7 months. It was a year of my life for about 2 hours or 98 minutes worth of entertainment. "The X-Files" is 9 months of work. We shoot an episode every 11-12 odd days and there's gonna be 20 of them. So it's a lot more work crammed into a shorter amount of time. "The X-Files" experience is actually much more intense from a scheduling point of view. We're working, like, 12-16 hours a day for about 9 months straight. It's much faster and much more cerebral/mental in the sense that I have a helluva lot of dialogue to study! You go home after 16 hours and you have to study for a few hours for the next day. In film, you have months to work on dialogue and scenes that you won't shoot for 6 months. So this is demanding from that point of view. It's all relative in the sense that there are a lot of people that work harder than I do. But I love doing it. There's nothing else I'd rather do.

Aaron: How much, if any, input do you have the behavior and actions of Doggett. Is it simply acting out what is written for you?

Robert Patrick: It's a combination of all that, I think. There are certain qualities that I have that kind of sparked Chris and Frank and Ten Thirteen as far as wanting me for the job. There are a lot of things they write for Doggett that are great...and kind of the way I WISH I'd respond in real life! There's a little bit of me and a lot of character work. There's a lot of great writing from Ten Thirteen.

amorfati: You're pretty well known for the antagonists you've played. Do you view the chance to play a straight shooter as a breath of fresh air?

Robert Patrick: It is exactly that. I've been doing this 16 years and this is the first opportunity I've had to play such a great straight shooter to such a wide audience. This is the biggest audience I've ever had. Prior to this, most notably, all my other "known" characters have been bad guys. So, this is very, very exciting for me.

XDDGA12: >From the time that you have spent on "The X-Files" set and with the crew, how do you like it? Do you really believe in extraterrestrial beings and other stuff like the show presents?

ms_regina: Your character seems to be unwilling to believe in "extreme possibilities" without hard evidence. How much of that belief do you, as an individual subscribe to -- are you a skeptic or a believer?

Bren: Care to comment about "Fire in the Sky"?

Robert Patrick: Doggett is a fact-oriented guy and will be for as long as I know. He is totally based in fact and that's how he investigates. I don't know if the fans ever saw "Fire in the Sky," but it's based on an actual abduction. The reason I bring it up is because I met Mike Rogers and Travis Walton -- the two main guys involved with this actual abduction -- and I remember when I made that movie, after having met them, I was totally convinced (and still am to this day) that something very incredible and other-worldy happened to them. There's a part of me now, 8 years later, that tends to think that a lot of the things that are unexplained or secrets are kept from us (UFOs specifically) by the government. It's technology that they're developing. I don't know, that's just my opinion. But I don't discount that it's a big universe and I'm sure there's other stuff out there besides us.

DeanD: Hey Robert, Do you think if there is a good chemistry between yourself and Gillian, that there could possibly be a season 9?

Robert Patrick: One thing I've learned on "The X-Files" is anything is possible! I think that if people like the show and like what we're doing with it, I know I'm willing to come back for Season 9. Hell, I'd come back for Seasons 10, 11 and 12! I think it's based on what the chatter just said: It's based on how Doggett and Scully get along, their chemistry and whether the fans continue to tune in.

AnaHawkman: Robert, how do you feel about Doggett's developing relationship with Scully? Do you feel it will ever reach the point that it did between Scully and Mulder?

Robert Patrick: Well, I'm gonna continue to wait and see. I think that the fans will start to see how the show is progressing and that Doggett and Scully have a genuine chemistry. It's definitely going to be different than what they had prior to this. It may never reach the level that Scully and Mulder had, but that doesn't mean we won't keep working on it.

Pure_X: Mr.Patrick, what's it like to work with Gillian Anderson?

Bubbles: How do you feel about working with Gillian? Do you get along well?

selma: how do you feel about working with Gillian?

Robert Patrick: I get along great with her! I enjoy her very much. She is a total pro. She has a wonderful personality. We get along great. She's a lot of fun! That really has been the highlight of the show for me, how much I enjoy working with her. She keeps me in great supply of Starbucks triple-shot soy lattes, which help us get through the workday. She is a great gal and I enjoy hanging out with her.

ociana: I think it was great how Scully threw water into your character's face in the first episode, it spoke for what many viewers were feeling. Will Scully continue to have difficulty accepting Dogget?

Robert Patrick: Absolutely! Absolutely! And that's the wonderful appeal of these two characters. It's the conflict. The whole drama. The fact that she doesn't like the way Doggett introduces himself to her, because he deliberately is not upfront with who he is, trying to get some information. He was willing to risk the first impression, because ultimately, he wanted to get some information about Mulder. I think that says a lot about Doggett. The viewers will have to tune in each week, because that's what will be developing show to show -- the mistrust and so forth of my character and where he's coming from and how we interact.

AnakinSW: Will this season be entirely devoted to the "Mulder Missing" storyline, or will it branch out to other, non related issues as well?

Robert Patrick: It will branch out to non-related issues and stand-alone episodes. As far as I know, and we're on Episode 10, we're still looking for Mulder. Hope I can say that!

tooms328: you said you were working on episode 10 can you tell us anything about that episode?

beaconlight: is episode 10 a mytholgy episode?

Robert Patrick: It involves a man who's been exposed to some "smart" metal. We're basically dealing with a metal man.

agathon: Were you briefed on the mythology or did you actually watch episodes? Or would it be better to not know about the mythos stuff?

Robert Patrick: I think you answered your own question. I was briefed. I went online and read a bunch of background/history on the characters and the show. As I said earlier, I have watched the show. I went and paid my $8 to see the movie. I knew what I knew about the show when I met with Chris about the role. So, everything I knew helped and everything I didn't know helps me now with the portrayal of Doggett. There are a certain amount of things I want to discover during the work of the show.

Beta: You seem to have a lot of depth to your character, how did you develop John Doggett?

Robert Patrick: Well, as I said, I played police officers and investigators before. I think there's just certain qualities that they wrote for this guy -- and there are certain things about me -- that work together. The fact that I've been doing this for 16 years -- I've done 55 some odd movies -- I feel like there's a lot of work I've done that led me to this. I just think it was a great situation. They created Doggett and I got together with them and I just think it really works. It's a great role for me and I think they're happy. I hope!

lasonriente: Do you have any goals for your character?

Robert Patrick: Hmmm. Well, I want Doggett to continue to stay true to his "code." I want him to continue to be fair and decent. I want him to find Mulder!

lisa76: Is Doggett going to have to pick up where Mulder left off in dealing with Alex Krycek?

Robert Patrick: I don't know...that's a good question. Let's ask Chris Carter.

Csmisme: You have been involved with two great shows on tv, "The X-Files" and "The Sopranos," how would compare the writing, directing, etc.?

Robert Patrick: First of, I am very lucky that I have been able to work with, I think, two of the best shows on TV. Both shows are the best in my opinion because they have such great writing. And that's where it all starts. So, if you have great writing, and producers like Chris Carter -- or David Chase with "Sopranos" -- who really only care about making the best and doing the best, that trickles down to everyone involved in the project. So when it starts at the top with such high standards, they only want people around them that are equally as passionate about making the best shows that they possibly can. That's why both shows have incredible crews, writers, producers and casts. Even though the environments are totally different, the care in which they go about telling their stories is equal. "The Sopranos" is a little grittier: They can cuss! They can show "bada-bing" quite a bit! And they can go into different areas that are actually quite fun.

orion: What is Doggett's reaction to finding out Scully is pregnant? when does he find out?

Robert Patrick: I can't answer that question! That's actually the first I heard that she's pregnant! No, just kidding. Eventually, I just look down and go, "You gaining weight, Scully?" No, I don't know when I find that out. But, tune in...because I'm sure we will!

AnaLiz: What can we know about Doggett's personal life?

Robert Patrick: I can't reveal anything about Doggett's personal life because it's all tied into the story. Sorry, but I don't want to wreck anything coming up. You'll find out more and more as we go along, and that's the fun part about the show, I think. I'm assuming you know he's a former Marine and an ex-New York City Police detective. He has a doctorate and a master's degree from Syracuse, so he's a smart man.

corcaa: When are you going to meet the Lone Gunmen guys?

Robert Patrick: I imagine I'll meet them at some point.

dorogaya: What do you think about the intensity of X-Files fans?

Robert Patrick: I think it's great! I'm really excited and very grateful to be on a show with such intense fans. They're passionate and it's their show. It's exciting for me. I've never been on a project where, after the show airs, you can get on the Internet and see fans' responses. I really appreciate the fact that the fans have an emotional response. That's all I can ask for as an actor. Whether you love Doggett or hate's better than nothing!

h3r3t1c: any plans to attend any of the x-files conventions?

Robert Patrick: I haven't been invited to attend anything! What gives?

Jason: Are you more interested in the mythology or the "supernatural " episodes?

Robert Patrick: They're equally interesting for me. You gotta know that the show is just really exciting to me. To be involved at all. Right now, I'm enjoying every episode. I will say that from my point of view, speaking as Robert Patrick, that each episode is like a mini-movie and I'm really, really enjoying that. That's what's been great for me. And I'm the same character from week to week. For me as an actor, that's exciting.

Vince: Mr patrick...huge fan here of all of your work... esp of Renegade/Rogue Force... anyways I'd like to know how you picked up the NYC accent and whose idea was it?

Robert Patrick: The New York accent I picked up when I did "Copland" with Sylvester Stallone. I flew to New York to do that film. I was playing a New York Police officer. For three weeks I rode along with the NYPD and hung out with these cops day and night. I have a good ear for picking that up and I just got the accent. I talked to Chris about it, and we decided to use it, but not as strong as in that movie. There's just enough of a hint of an accent to make it believable that he's an ex-New York Police detective. It was a little heavier in "Copland," but that's where I got it. And thank you for being a fan of my work!

yorotomo: do you have plans for any new films? or are you pretty tied up in "The X-Files?"

Robert Patrick: I have four new films coming out! And I will list them because I'd appreciate it if you go see them. "All The Pretty Horses," with Matt Damon, directed by Billy Bob Thornton. I play Matt's father. That's out Christmas Day, I think. I have another one where I play a New York Police detective with my friend Sylvester Stallone, called "Eye See You." I think that'll be out early next year. That also has a huge cast: Stallone, Tom Berenger, Kris Kristofferson. Another one called "Texas Rangers," that I did with Dylan McDermott and James Van Der Beek. That's a western. I did another one called "Spy Kids" with Antonio Banderas. That's a kid's movie that'll be out in March. So I'd appreciate it if all "The X-Files" fans would check 'em out because they're all four totally different characters.

rwheatfall: Robert, how many seasons can we expect to see you on "The X-Files"?

Robert Patrick: I want to do as many as they want me to do.

snowball: Do you plan to be a permanent cast member?

Robert Patrick: As far as I know, I am! I plan to do it as long as Chris Carter wants to keep me on the show. I hope we have a good, long run. Who knows?

FOXcom_Host: Now's your chance to say goodbye to Robert Patrick!

Robert Patrick: I really, really, really am enjoying myself. I appreciate the fans and their enthusiasm.

FOXcom_Host: Thanks for taking the time with us!

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Re: Online Chat With Robert Patrick (Nov 2000)

Post by Cassiopeia on Fri 24 Jun 2011, 11:28

Love it! I think I sat at my computer and watched this chat back in the day.

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Re: Online Chat With Robert Patrick (Nov 2000)

Post by gorgclaud on Fri 24 Jun 2011, 11:33

Awww, how cool.

Damn I love him.

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Re: Online Chat With Robert Patrick (Nov 2000)

Post by gorgclaud on Fri 24 Jun 2011, 16:14

Just let him ramble on all day and be late for set!

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Re: Online Chat With Robert Patrick (Nov 2000)

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