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About "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (FRVS)

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New to the series? This is the best place to start out. In this section we provide you with information about "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (FRVS) to help you get into our episodes. We start with the series's history, the story of FRVS, the mythology, meet the characters and a couple of awards we've won from the past. This isn't required reading at all, you can jump right in to the fun whenever you wish.

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series is the longest running "X-Files" virtual series on the world wide web - starting from its very own first season (rather than how other XF virtual series begin with season 8 and go from there). The series started in 1999 as a silly comedy. If you have never read the series before, it's a good idea to start with the first season and work your way through the series. If you aren't sure FRVS is your cup of tea, keep reading through this thread to learn more about the series.

Series History
"You only spoof the thing you love, there's no fun in ribbing a bad movie. It's too easy. You have to have a target you respect, one that's big enough to stand up to parody." - Mel Brooks

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series began on a little site called "Fox and Alex Build A Website" which is often refered to as "FAABAW" (pronounced: fah-bah). The website was first available online on September 5, 1999 (the first day "S.R. 819" reaired on the Fox Network). Soon following it came the story of "Lucky Charms vs. Cheerios" - a story of two friends at odds who work together to find breakfast food. After receiving much appreciated feedback from the site's visitors, all of which told us to continue writing, we decided to write more Mulder and Krycek adventure stories. Eventually we had so many stories that we decided to archive them on their very own site which became known as "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series. Since we had so much fun writing those first stories, we decided that a Season Two would be on its way. So began our little virtual series.

So why the hell did we call it "Fox & Rat"? Well, the user name of FAABAW was: foxandrat. What exactly inspired us to write about Mulder and Krycek being best buddies? "The X-Files" episodes "Tunguska" and "Terma" - Mulder and Krycek running around having adventures in Russia! How could we not write about them getting into trouble and being friends after we saw them digging through mud to crawl under a fence? Nevermind the betrayal of Mulder by Krycek later in the episode. Friends at odds indeed.

"Fox & Rat" went from being a small series about two characters to having an ensemble cast. The transition began with adding Scully, Marita and Skinner. We smoothly brought them into our first season, and they were full time cast members by the second.

With "The X-Files" changing so drastically during its eighth season, two new characters were introduced into the whacky world of "Fox & Rat". We welcomed John Doggett and Monica Reyes with open arms as they lead the fourth season. With so many new characters to work with, the story ideas have become endless. The addition of Brad Follmer was something fun and intersting to work with. His character is so serious to the polar opposite of Mulder and Krycek's humor.

During the fifth and sixth seasons, "Fox & Rat" introduced many characters from "The X-Files" that were never seen before in FRVS. Deputy Director Alvin Kersh, the re-entering of Jeffrey Spender, Kim Cook, and Jana Cassidy. With the writers interest going beyond "The X-Files", the introduction of three new "Without A Trace" characters happened, welcoming Martin Fitzgerald, Jack Malone, and Danny Taylor in New York, as recurring guest characters (friends of Brad Follmer).

Why do we continue to write "Fox & Rat" after so many years? Our lives keep happening. Many of the stories you read in FRVS have some truths to them. Scary, isn't it? We like to laugh about things that life throws at us so we exaggerate these moments through FRVS to bring you quality storytelling. Also we can view "The X-Files" seriously, but especially with humor. Through telling these stories, we can exaggerate some of the actual "X-Files" character personalities that we have seen. Everything that you see in FRVS in terms of character behaviour, is an exaggeration on something we actually saw on the show. "The X-Files" series ended before some interesting character aspects were touched on, we feel that we can explore these characters through writing in FRVS.

When it comes down to it, we like writing humorous stories, a talent we've been told we have. However, no matter how much we love to write slapstick humor, we have been stretching our writing skills by including more serious episodes to our series. With our upcoming seventh season you'll be getting a good dose of that, along with the comic style of the FRVS stories you love.

FRVS began as FAABAW and has grown to become one of the better known "X-Files" virtual series on the world wide web, at least we've been told as much. This is how "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series came to be.

The Story
"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series follows the friendly and rivalrous adventures of Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek, and all their Super Buddies. Whether by ground, by sea, or air there's always much fun and games to be had. Though all bright and happy, there's still the dark side lingering when the Cigarette-Smoking Man and his - not so almighty - goons try to disrupt the flow of love and friendship between Mulder and his Super Buddies, with their alien government conspiracies.

The "Fox & Rat" story starts off with Mulder, Scully, Krycek and Marita on an airplane, and as episodes reveal, Mulder and Krycek have known each other since childhood, pretend to not like each other while being neighbors in the same apartment complex. Then - without much aid from a miracle - they become best buddies, who continue to rival each other and pretend to not be friends.

Romance and relationships in "Fox & Rat" are more complicated than you think. No. We're not a soap opera. For example, as you read you may come to believe that Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias are lovebirds. However, as episodes go on you'll see that maybe they never have been and never will be. Only time will tell. Then there's the secretive Walter Skinner and his "Turtle". Will he and his lover ever tie the knot, or will they wither away and find love and happiness elsewhere? Fox Mulder? Married?! But... where is she? Then there's the promiscuous Dana Scully, or is she as promiscuous as she leads on? Later on down the road the complicated romance between Monica Reyes and a certain Assistant Director is bound to have you reaching for the Kleenex box (or whatever you can wipe your tears away with). And then there's John Doggett, single and without a lover for over a decade.

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series is not a procedural comedy or drama. The series does focus on their jobs at the FBI and their personal lives. Off and on throughout a season you can expect to read a good handful of casefile episodes. The same can be said about episodes concerning the personal relationships and friendships within the series. Some episodes are flat-out slapstick comedy and others are heartwrenching, angstful, character driven dramas. At times even action likes to explode on the screen... err... in your mind's eye. We've got a little bit of everything for everyone.

Even if you've never seen an episode of "The X-Files" you will not be lost while reading "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series. We do not rely on the original mythology and character development created by the writers of the show which our series is based.

Fox & Alex Build A Website (FAABAW)
FRVS began with a website created to portray a fictional friendship and rivalry between Fox Mulder and Alex Kryceck. In 1999 the site was called "The Adventures of Fox and Alex", later the site's title was changed to "Fox & Alex Build A Website" and has remained with this name ever since. The season 3 FRVS episode [url=http://www.serenityofx.com/frvs/S3/3x05.html]3x05 The Website explores the fictional beginning of FAABAW within the context of the world of FRVS. The website can be viewed by clicking on the banner below.

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