FRVS Movie 1: European Voyage (2003)

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FRVS Movie 1: European Voyage (2003)

Post by Cassiopeia on Thu 02 Jun 2011, 15:38

What did you think of the first FRVS "movie", "European Voyage"? What was your favorite part? Which part was your favorite (Family Importance, La Vie En Rose, Rising Tensions, A Journey's End)?

Discuss the second FRVS movie in here!

6x00a "European Voyage: Family Importance"

Written by: Little Albatross & Dana Doggett
Air Date: July 7, 2003
Rating: PG13 - irrational alcohol use, Krycek does bad
Summary: The Covarrubias and Follmer families prepare for the union of their children Marita and Bradley.

6x00b "European Voyage: La Vie en Rose"

Written by: Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
Air Date: July 14, 2003
Rating: PG-13 - objectionable language
Summary: The gang takes a trip to Paris, France with the hope that they will find Krycek who has their airplane tickets back to D.C.

6x00c "European Voyage: Rising Tensions"

Written by: Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
Air Date: July 21, 2003
Rating: PG-13 - immature adult conversations
Summary: Believing Marita may have run off to Krycek's cabin in the Swiss Alps, the gang take a road trip that is anything but normal, to find her.

6x00d "European Voyage: A Journey's End"

Written by: Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
Air Date: July 28, 2003
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The conclusion to the FRVS European Voyage

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