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Post by SoX Executive on Sat 21 Apr 2018, 22:24

21 April 2018

The Serenity of X Forum (SoX) began as a forum for fans of "The X-Files" to retreat to when other more "popular" forums became too hostile. On SoX fans were free to state their opinions (good and bad) about the series, its characters, and its relationships without fear of being attacked or ridiculed by fans who considered themselves elite and superior to other fans. That attitude does not fly here at SoX.

Over the years "The X-Files" had faded from our lives, and with the 2016 and 2018 attempts to revive the series, we have found that we just have zero interest in the series anymore. Sure, once in a rare while we might mention John Doggett or the Doggett/Scully relationship and post pictures, but other than that... "The X-Files" is dead to us. Let it rot in peace.

We don't really have a focal point of discussion anymore. Most of the members that still manage to pop in here have been good friends for many years, and we are comfortable just chatting about our lives and our other interests. SoX has become a little quiet place on the internet where we can still log in and enjoy each other's company. New members are welcome, but know that discussing "The X-Files" will likely be ignored at this point.

There is an interest in the NBC series "Timeless," but chatter about that has not reached the heights of our chatter about that other series (back in the day).

And that pretty much is where the SoX Forum is at today.
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