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Post by SoX Executive on Mon 11 Dec 2017, 13:41

The SoX Forum is a private forum. Because we have had problems with spammers, stalkers, and people who wish to harass us in the past, this forum requires a few extra steps to being able to take part in our discussions.

Register on our forum at:

Send us an email at:
In your email to us, please include the following (the more information we get, the better)

- Introduce yourself (tell us about your XF fan history)
- Tell how you found the SoX Forum (if a SoX member told you about us, include his/her name)
- Explain why you would like to be a member of the forum
- Confirm the username/email that you used to register with the forum

If you do NOT e-mail the forum administrators this information your registration will NOT be approved. If you do not email us the above information within a week of submitting your registration information, your pending membership will be deleted. We do this as a precaution to protect the forum and its members from people who may come here with malicious intention. Thank you for understanding.

Wait for confirmation of your membership by a SoX Forum administrator.
We have the right to deny membership to anyone without explanation.

Once your registration has been approved, please drop by the Forum Rules thread, read the rules, and reply to the thread that you read the rules. If this is not done within one week of your approved registration, your membership will be deleted.

Forum Rules:

If your membership is deleted, you can always register with us again.

Have fun posting with us here on the SoX Forum!
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