Proof Scully spent a lot of time at Doggett's home?

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Proof Scully spent a lot of time at Doggett's home?

Post by Cassiopeia on Thu 16 Jun 2016, 23:13

So I am going through my screen captures from season 8 (looking for pictures to use on the #TeamDoggett Tshirt), and as usual, I couldn't stop myself from studying parts of Doggett's house in "Redrum", I saw this first picture of his TV set and VHS tapes below it, they're FBI tapes.

Timestamp of "Redrum" = December 2000

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Then I remembered, there was an episode later in season 8 where you can actually see that Doggett has the movie "Titanic" under his TV (pictured below), and I thought to myself "why in the world would a guy who previously had ONLY FBI video tapes to watch by his TV suddenly have the 'chick flick' "Titanic"?" and the answer is obvious-ish. My assumption here is that this is a clue as to what went on between Doggett and Scully in the three months that season 8 skipped over, while Mulder was dead and buried. At some point after Mulder's burial, and Mulder coming back, Doggett felt the need to remove all his FBI video tapes, and bought himself "Titanic". Now we know in season 8 that Doggett didn't have a girlfriend, and he is divorced, so my guess here is that in those three months Scully and him spent time together, getting to know each other better, outside the office. This is a clue that Scully was taking the steps towards moving on, and opening her heart/soul to another man, a good man (and she knows that he loves her and cares for her), the man that she knew she could be with, who she knew she could fall in love with... John Jay Doggett. Just imagine them late at night, at his place, lounging on the couch watching "Titanic". Scully's all pregnancy-enduced emotional, and crying, curled up in his arms on the couch, his arm around her. Though not romantically involved (or maybe they were?), this was a step towards an inevitable relationship.

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(are you still alive after reading that, and seeing this proof that it's very likely Doggett had a female, read: Scully, friend over to watch movies at his place?)


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