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Post by SoX Executive on Thu 08 Jan 2015, 22:16

Serenity of X Forum Rules
Updated: 11 December 2017

If you are a brand new member of the SoX Forum, please make sure to read our SoX Forum Rules, and reply to this thread that you have read the rules and will abide by them.

These aren't so much rules as they are guidelines. We expect members of the SoX Family to be kind, understanding, and respectful of one another. If that doesn't happen we are more than happy to remove the offending user.

If you ever have any questions regarding the SoX Forum Rules, or anything else regarding the SoX Forum, please contact the forum administrators directly by sending an e-mail message to:

The Mod Squad
If any issues should arise while you are participating in forum discussions, you may private message (PM) any of the following Mod Squad members to help you with your problem. Alternatively, you may also e-mail the forum administrators directly at:

Our Forum Administrator is:
SoX Executive

Our forum moderators are:
Rey Solo

We Have Zero Tolerance For...

- stalkers
- spies for stalkers or banned members
- people who join to harass any of our members
- spammers

If you are caught taking part in these things, your membership will be deleted without warning.

The Most Important Rule of the Forum
Members of the Serenity of X Forum are an online family. Be kind, have fun, and enjoy yourself here. This is a safe haven where you are free to express your thoughts and opinions without fear of being attacked, flamed, stalked, bashed, etc. by fans who have different views than your own. We here at SoX do NOT tolerate such inappropriate behaviour.

The most important rule of the forum is respect and to treat everyone here as an equal.

Opinions are just that, opinions. No one’s opinion is right, and no one’s opinion is wrong. There’s no use in getting angry or vengeful about that. shy

About SoX Forum Newsletters
These are extremely rare, and only go out a few times a year.

We only send out newsletters when changes have been made to the forum (ie: new discussion folders, forum rule updates), or if there is an important poll we need you to vote in regarding proposed changes to the forum. At least once a year you may receive a newsletter just updating you on current popular discussions or activities on the forum to try to entice the more quiet forum members to come out of the woodwork and to keep posting with us.

While it's perfectly OK to lurk on our forum, we would like to remind you that this is a discussion forum and we prefer you take part in discussions. If no existing topic interests you feel free to start your own discussion. If a topic has been silent for years, please do not hesitate to reply to it and bring it back to the fore!

While lurking is OK, any members with zero (0) posts after one month will be purged, members with under ten (10) posts in their first year will be purged as well, and you will have to register with us again.

Advertising & Website Update Alerts
Anyone who maintains a website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. loves to try to advertise to gain new visitors or followers, and we here at SoX are completely fine with that. However we do ask that if you would like to advertise your website, blog, etc. (and its updates) here on this forum that you do so in the appropriate folder ( – make one (1) single thread dedicated to your website, blog, etc. and post updates and activities that you are holding within that thread). Do not post advertisements or websites/blogs/etc. outside of that folder. If you do an administrator of moderator has the right to delete the thread without warning.

Please only make one (1) thread for each one of your websites/blogs, if multiple update alert threads are created for your site an administrator or moderator will delete the newer thread.

Advertising such as spam (ie: viagra, go back to school, freeware, etc.) is NEVER allowed anywhere on the SoX Forum. Any such threads will be deleted and the username who posted the content will be deleted and banned.

Images & Videos
I know the rules/guidelines for this is lengthy, but this is one of the most important rules of our forum.

ABSOLUTELY NO PAPARAZZI PHOTOS OR VIDEOS ARE ALLOWED TO BE POSTED ANYWHERE ON THIS FORUM. SoX respects the privacy of celebrities and their children and will not tolerate the personal violation which is paparazzi photographs and videos. Paparazzi - (defined by Wikipedia) is an Italian term used to refer to photojournalists who specialize in candid photography of celebrities, politicians, and other prominent people. Paparazzi tend to be independent contractors, unaffiliated with a mainstream media organization.

SoX defines paparazzi as:

01) Any candid photograph or video shot of any celebrity in which the photographer benefits financially through the sale of the unauthorized photograph or video recording. The celebrity was not paid by the photographer or any media entity who publishes the photograph or video. The celebrity may or may not be aware that they are being photographed or video recorded.

02) Any unwelcome photography or video recording of a celebrity who is not at work. This includes, but is not limited to: grocery shopping, taking children to school, having lunch with friends/family, at the beach on holiday, mowing the lawn, taking a walk, leaving a gym or doctors office, at an airport, getting into our out of a car, at a club, etc.

03) Any photography or video recording of a celebrity "on location" filming a movie or TV series - in which it looks like extreme measures were taken to obtain said photo (ie: photos taken from the top of a tall building looking down on the celebrity, through a peep hole in a fence, and other "creepy" photography - you know, like sneaking a picture of the celebrity inside his/her changing room trailer).

If the photograph or video in question fits the above criteria, and is invading the private life of the celebrity while he or she is NOT working it is considered inappropriate for SoX. If it's a photograph or video you would see on TMZ, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, etc. it is not appropriate for this forum.

SoX allows the following types of photography to be shared:

- photoshoots
- movie/TV stills
- screen captures from movies/TV
- personal photographs (you snapped the picture yourself) so long as you are not a paparazzo, and have not gained financially for your photograph
- red carpet events photography
- celebs at sporting events
- celebs at gala events
- posed pictures of celebrities at conventions with fans
- "on location" or "on set" photographs of the celebrity "at work" - not deemed "creepy" photography by forum admins (if you aren't sure, just ask us, we'll be able to help)

Images of the children of celebrities is never allowed on this forum.

SoX is a paparazzi free forum. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do not steal HQ (high quality) images posted to this forum and post them anywhere else without permission (simply ask if it’s all right to share the pictures elsewhere and wait for the poster of the images to respond).

If you would like to share images with members of the forum, we recommend that you save the image and upload it to your own server or free image host account (ie: Photobucket).

You are not required to give credit to anyone when posting a picture. Giving credit is your choice. If you'd like to say "hey I got this picture from Frank Spotnitz's site!" you can, if you prefer not to, that's not a problem either. There are so many images of the X-Files actors and from the show itself that it's nearly impossible to give credit to the owner. Also, the owner of any picture copyright is the photographer's. Most images distributed throughout the fandom are done so with disregard to copyright laws. Nearly all fans in any given fandom are not the original photographer so credit is not required to say that you got it from an individual in the fanbase.

You are not required to give credit to anyone when sharing a video from video sites such as YouTube. YouTube allows video embedding which is an invitation to share. Giving credit is your choice, not a requirement. If sharing a music video (fan video) we encourage you to give credit to the vidder, but if the vid is embedded from YouTube, it is up to the viewer to go out of their way to find out who created the video.

If you are a website owner and someone is sharing pictures posted on your website, they have the right to share images that have been made visible to the internet public. They are not required to say “images found at ‘website title’”. They can say where they found the image if they want, they are not required to. Do not harass members if this has happened, it is not against the Serenity of X Forum rules. Thank you for understanding.

If you are sharing a picture, please provide IMG or URL tagging to the actual image, do not force members to click on an external link to take them to a website that is hosting the image. If you do this, if found by an administrator or moderator, you may be asked to edit your post so that the image is showing. Thank you for understanding and cooperating.

Celebrity ownership is not allowed on this forum. Do not post or behave in a way in which you come off trying to look like you hold authority over information over any given celebrity. This includes (and is not limited to) pretending to be the only person in the world with "inside" information on a celebrity, claiming ownership over red carpet or photoshoot images, etc. If you have information, share it, don’t say you have it and then share nothing, that is not fun for members of the forum. If you have information and cannot share it yet, don’t say that you have the information, this can be perceived as bragging or “celebrity ownership”. Thank you for understanding.

Fanfic, Artwork, Fanvids
We are very open here at SoX about the content of our members’ creativity. We do not discriminate against adult content (and all of our Creatives folders are visible to members only and cannot be seen by visitors or unregistered guests of the forum).

Please label in your subject heading of your topic that your content is for adults only (NSFW = not safe for work). In the case of fan fiction, please indicate that your story is “R” or “NC-17” rated.

Celebrity Gossip & Tabloid Rumors
It is always inappropriate to engage in gossip about the personal lives of celebrities. Please limit your discussions about celebrities to their careers.

You can discuss public interviews and articles and red carpet events, keeping within the guidelines of the rules.

Fandom Discussions
This is a forum where speaking your mind without the threat of being flamed/bashed/threatened/etc. is welcomed.

That being said, speak your mind but be mindful of the feelings of others around you. Respect is key to a successful discussion forum family. Remember the rule... if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. If you are in disagreement with someone on the forum, please make sure to re-read your post before submitting to make sure that respect is apparent. Do not name-call, or take part in other immature personal attacks on another member and their personal opinion(s). It's completely all right to disagree with someone, and it is always appropriate to respect that not everyone here shares the same view point.

When you reply to this thread to say that you read the rules, please include the word "hydra" in your post.

Please keep all pro-relationship discussions in their appropriate relationship folders or threads.

Do not troll in folders or threads if a relationship pairing is not to your liking. For example, if you are a hard-core fan of Mulder/Reyes, it is never ever acceptable for you to go into the Mulder/Krycek folder (or its threads) and speak negatively about the relationship or bash on it. The same applies to threads dedicated to any given relationship pairing.

If you wish to discuss the negative /  anti-relationship aspect of any relationship, for “The X-Files” please take the discussion to the Noromo section, for other pairings of TV shows or movies, please create a thread whose subject heading makes clear that the discussion topic is anti-said relationship (ie: The Grissom/Sara Noromo Thread, or “The Anti-Raj/Howard Thread” – stay away from subject titles such as “I Hate Han/Leia!”, save that kind of comment for inside the discussion and tell us why you hate/dislike any given pairing.

If you start anti-relationship discussions you are expected to continue treating its fans with the utmost respect (there is to be no “Jeez, man! Doggett/Scully ‘shippers suck!” talk when the discussion is supposed to be about reasons why Doggett/Scully does not appeal to you. You must intelligently back up your anti-relationship comments, and engage others in mature discussion. Saying something like "Doggett/Scully 'shippers suck!" is considered an attack on a group of people and/or a single member of the X-Files fandom, and is an offense that will be marked against you when considering deleting your membership for violation of forum rules.

You can discuss the positive and negative aspects about fictional characters. Please be specific in your discussion post's subject title about whether the discussion is in praise or in detest of said character. As with negative comments about relationships, negative comments should never be expressed such as "Queequeg sucks!" and leave it at that. If you dislike any given character, please provide commentary about what makes you despise the character, back up your viewpoint with evidence from the series as to why you feel this way.

It is inappropriate for anyone to harshly bash on the physical appearance of any character, actor, animal, or extraterrestrial entity of the series peace It’s all right to say that you don’t find so-and-so attractive, but do not post something along the lines of “Eww! Ewie! Ew! He’s so ugly! His butt looks like a ceiling fan! How dare you think he’s sexy!” LOL I don’t think we need to explain why this kind of comment doesn’t mesh well with our forum rules at this point.

The SoX Forum will not tolerate "gillovny" (formerly known as "snogger") discussions. For those of you who do not know what that is, a "gillovny fan" is a person who wants David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in a romantic relationship. As a general rule of thumb, we do not find it appropriate to discuss the romantic relationships of any celebrity here on SoX. Additionally "gillovny" themed manipulation artwork will also not be accepted (ie: "gillovny" artwork involving either David or Gillian's children).

If you don't like a discussion topic, don't read it. If you feel the need to defend your opinion which may be discussed negatively in one thread, start a positive thread for the discussion, or a "Opinion 1 vs. Opinion 2" (ie: Doggett/Scully vs. Mulder/Scully) debate thread, that way if you want to argue (in a friendly and respectful manner) opinions you can do so without looking like a debate has hijacked the original topic of the thread in question.

If someone ignores this rule and posts to you in a thread where you'd rather not argue or debate, please politely ignore them, let a moderator know about it, and we will drop by and direct them to the rule above. If you would like to debate, please start a new thread for said debate to keep the topic in question on topic. Thank you.

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series
In the "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series section of the forum there is a sub-folder titled "Goofy Spooky". Goofy Spooky was the original FRVS Forum and it was based on interacting with the characters of FRVS. Since Serenity of X Forum is now the new official forum for discussion of FRVS, we have brought Goofy Spooky back. Feel free to drop in and chat with Mulder, Krycek and the rest of the FRVS gang. Understand that the characters you will chat with are not the same characters that you know from "The X-Files" series, they are the characterizations from "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (

Please forgive FRVS Alex Krycek, the boy has got a potty mouth and a bad temper. The character is played by one of the SoX Forum admins and therefore is allowed to be a pain in the ass. Be aware that he loves to stir up trouble and cause petty fights among other FRVS characters (but rest assured that by the end of the chats, everything will be all fine and dandy).

The Common Sense Rules/Guidelines
Do not flame, bash, threaten, harass or stalk any members of this forum. If we suspect that you are here to do this, we reserve the right to immediately delete your membership and set a ban.

Do not copy/paste comments made by Serenity of X members to any other forum, mailing list, LiveJournal community and/or personal blog, private e-mail, etc. unless you are given permission to do so from the original poster.

Do not hack the forum, your IP will be reported to the proper authorities.

If you misbehave you will have three strikes and then your membership will be deleted. We hold the right to take away the three strike rule if your first offense is incredibly offensive and hurtful to all members of the SoX Forum.

Please post in a comprehensive way. Don’t type like a "rabid ‘shipper" (ie: OmG!!!!!!!! Muldr n’ Skulllie tutaly luv eachOthezr and R lik tutalllllllllllllllllly en luvvv!!!!!!!!!!!!), yeah, I don’t think I need to explain that one. And please do not type in ALL CAPS, internet shorthand, etc., thank you. We all went to school and learned how to type, this means that we are all capable of communicating like educated adults.

You are allowed and encouraged to have your own opinions and views on any of the topics on this forum. We want you to share your opinions with us without feeling scared of being flamed. Live and let live. If you can’t come to an understanding just accept that we are who we are, we believe what we believe, we think the way we think and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Love each other and be friendly to each other regardless of stance. Respect is the way of life on this forum.

When you reply to this thread to say that you read the rules, please include this word "koala" in your post after the word "hydra."

It is quite common in threads for SoXers to stray off topic. We encourage trying your best to keep a topic "on topic", but OT is not frowned upon so long as eventually someone in the topic attempts to get things back on track. If you realize that you and others are going "off topic" over ten posts within a thread, please step up and start a new thread in the appropriate folder for continuing the discussion and let others know about it. Thank you.

At the end of the day the number one rule of the SoX Forum is to have fun. You may see that one of the forum administrators or moderators say that these forum rules are more guidelines, they are, but they are here if there should ever be any trouble. We’re not as sticklers as these forum rules make us sound.

As you get to know us here on the forum you will learn that we are very relaxed and lenient. If we're all able to get along and be silly together and serious when needed, and remember that we're here because we love hanging out together online and discussing the topics of this forum, but we stay because we're friends and an online family, then all will be happy in SoX Land.

Thank you for reading.

The Mod Squad,
SoX Executive, Cassiopeia, gorgclaud, Rey Solo

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Re: Forum Rules

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Forum rules updated!
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Re: Forum Rules

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Read them!
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