9x08 "When Death Comes"

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9x08 "When Death Comes"

Post by Cassiopeia on Thu 27 Jun 2013, 19:10

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Title: "When Death Comes"
Written by: Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
Original Air Date: 25 February 2007
Rating: PG-13

Summary: For fifty-seven days Dana Scully has been in the hands of the alien colonist. What they want from her and what they are up to is revealed.

Review by: Emma Keturah

"I didn't do that. That's not my fault, whatever broke." - Alex Krycek

Finally we get some Krycek action again in the series!! That will keep some fans happy!

As my beloved Knowle lies feverish and infected in the care of John Montogomery, Skinner heads out on a mission to find Scully. Over the course of the episode we learn what horrors Scully is forced to endure in captivity.

Brad, Comer and Monica ponder the power and purpose of the "key". Its mysteries aren’t revealed yet but that doesn't stop the speculation.

Another brilliant episode!

* What did you like and dislike about "When Death Comes"?

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