8x16 "Superstar Super Buddies"

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8x16 "Superstar Super Buddies"

Post by Cassiopeia on Wed 08 May 2013, 18:54

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Title: "Superstar Super Buddies"
Written by: Emma Keturah
Original Air Date: 6 March 2006
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Mulder organizes a Super Buddies reunion adventure.

Review By: Dana Doggett

55?! In her head?! Holy golly! That's hilarious! *ahem* Ok, on with the review.

"I'm sorry Alex, we’re going to need to graft some of your butt onto your face." - Scully

In this week's brand spankin' new episode of "Fox & Rat" Mulder and Krycek are up to some good. Well, good if you're a fan of the peace and friendship group, Super Buddies. It features the first sort of Super Buddies Adventure in a long, long time. A camping adventure. As you all know well by now camping with Fox and Alex will be much more than it first seems to be. There will be plenty of laughs and I highly recommend not drinking while reading, I don't want "Fox & Rat" to be held accountable for any shortage of your keyboard. So without saying too much I'll let you enjoy this great episode of "Fox & Rat". Great job, Em!

* What did you like and dislike about "Superstar Super Buddies"?

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