7x22 "The Truth Begins"

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7x22 "The Truth Begins"

Post by Cassiopeia on Mon 25 Mar 2013, 18:53

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Title: "The Truth Begins"
Written by: Little Albatross
Original Air Date: 28 February 2005
Rating: PG

Summary: Mulder contemplates the past year.

Review By: Little Albatross

"You think of me as an idiot, Diana. I think you should start to take a good look at yourself." - Fox Mulder

Go Mulder! Go Mulder! Tell her what for!

This is an episode full of Mulder where he thinks about everything that has happened over the past year. He visits Monica who's back at home with Brad now! Yay! Is there trouble in paradise between Mulder and Diana? Read on for an episode full of contemplation!

* What did you like and dislike about "The Truth Begins"?

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