7x05 "No Escape"

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7x05 "No Escape"

Post by Cassiopeia on Thu 28 Feb 2013, 18:48

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Title: "No Escape"
Written by: Dana Doggett
Original Air Date: 4 October 2004
Rating: R (language, sexual situations/rape)

Summary: Doggett is assigned his new partner and they investigate Skinner's missing IHOW doggy-bags.

Trigger warning: sensitive material has been marked with red text in (parentheses) at the beginning and ending of this episode’s ‘rape’ scene.

Review By: Gothic Spook

"Is it just me or is the Bureau getting more corrupt by the minute?" - Doggett

I don’t think it is just John. Who agrees? Raise your hand! Okay in this episode Mulder is interrogated ... it doesn't end with smiles. Skinner and Kim get to “business” in his office ... while three Agents are watching. But be warned this episode isn't full of laughter and humour, but also darkness and pain. Be prepared to be afraid and disgusted in this painful episode. Please take note of the rating and warning!

* What did you like and dislike about "No Escape"?

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