7x03 "Historias del Pasado"

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7x03 "Historias del Pasado"

Post by Cassiopeia on Tue 26 Feb 2013, 18:52

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Title: "Historias del Pasado"
Written by: Little Albatross
Original Air Date: 20 September 2004
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Brad goes to Mexico to visit Monica’s Grandmama.

Review By: Gothic Spook

"That was Carlos. I don’t think he likes me." - Brad

It has FINALLY hapened! Brad meets Monica's family! But what will their reactions be? Be prepared to hear stories from Grandmama Reyes no one ever imagined to be true in this heart wrenching episode! Who is Monica's real parents and what happened to them? Read and find out!

* What did you like and dislike about "Historias del Pasado"?

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Re: 7x03 "Historias del Pasado"

Post by Rey Solo on Wed 27 Feb 2013, 07:31

One of my favorites of the season. smile I'm proud of my work in this one.
Rey Solo
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