6x14 "Silent Night"

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6x14 "Silent Night"

Post by Cassiopeia on Sun 10 Feb 2013, 12:04

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Title: "Silent Night"
Written by: Dana Doggett
Original Air Date: 17 December 2003
Rating: PG-13

Summary: It's been nearly ten years since Scully's father has passed away, this Christmas is especially difficult for Scully.

Review By: Cerasi J.

"Krycek is Swedish. I've heard him speak Swedish. Maybe he can get you a nice Swedish girlfriend for Christmas." -Mulder

The holidays are here! The tree is up, the lights are glowing merrily in the windows, and the presents are all wrapped! Tonight's jolly episode starts with Mulder and Krycek reading some classic Christmas tales--"Frosty the Snowman" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"-- they decide that they haven't been very good to their dear friend Wally, so what else is there to do but grab Spender and drop in for an unexpected visit!

On the other side of town, Scully is trading gumdrops for teardrops. Christmas has always been hard for poor Starbuck, since her father passed away, but this year has been worst than the rest. So why is Scully so sad this year? Her friends can't figure it out. But maybe John and faithful Buddy can. All she needs is a little hope! Will Scully's holiday be ruined by the Ghost of Christmas Past? Or will the season turn out a little better than expected? Find out in tonight's great new episode! =)

* What did you like and dislike about "Silent Night"?

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