6x12 "Rocky Mountain Misadventure" (2/2)

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6x12 "Rocky Mountain Misadventure" (2/2)

Post by Cassiopeia on Wed 06 Feb 2013, 18:50

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Title: "Rocky Mountain Misadventure"
Written by: Little Albatross & Dana Doggett
Original Air Date: 1 December 2003
Rating: PG

Summary: Will Brad live through being pushed off a mountain? Is it possible for Carlos Reyes to help Brad and attempt committing a crime against Scully all at the same time?

Review By: Cerasi J.

“Finally I get to slap Cinderella!”

In the continuation of last week’s episode, we explore the more serious side of Fox and Rat. Brad has been seriously injured in the wild and untamed Rocky Moutains and the only one with medical experence is Dana. But is it safe to let her tend to Brad by herself with the manical Carlos Reyes on the loose?

Meanwhile, someone has to get help! As Monica and Doggett are heading off to find a doctor, Carlos is closing on Brad and Scully’s position. Will the gang’s Colorado catastrophe turn out a-okay? Or will Thanksgiving be something that the gang is not to thankful for? Find out in tonight’s dramatic new episode!

* What did you like and dislike about "Rocky Mountain Misadventure"?

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