6x11 "Rocky Mountain Camping" (1/2)

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6x11 "Rocky Mountain Camping" (1/2)

Post by Cassiopeia on Tue 05 Feb 2013, 18:48

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Title: "Rocky Mountain Camping"
Written by: Little Albatross & Dana Doggett
Original Air Date: 24 November 2003
Rating: PG

Summary: Monica and John agree on a Super Buddies outing and they take the gang to Colorado for some cold winter camping.

Review By: Cerasi J.

“Yeah, well. I'm a Doggett.”

Talk about a crazy weekend! This week, Doggett and Reyes have planned a winter camping trip deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, (being from Colorado myself, I’ve gone on a few of these winter trips, and I do not pity the gang!) Doggett and Reyes, however, seem to be the only ones having a great time. The rest of gangs thinks as I do when I’m deep in the unforgiving Rockies, “Okay, can I go home now?” After a midnight game of Hide-And-Seek part of the gang decides to do just that!

They pack up their tent, marshmallows, water jugs and sleeping bags and haul ass to the nearest Westin hotel. When the other half of the gang discovers they’re gone quarling breaks out between the two trip planners! Deciding it’s time to go look for the other half of the gang, they depart the cold, snowy plains and run into some very unexpected visitors… the dreaded Reyes brothers! Will Monica in the gang escape without one of them spilling the beans about Brad? Read on and find out! =)

* What did you like and dislike about "Rocky Mountain Camping"?

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Re: 6x11 "Rocky Mountain Camping" (1/2)

Post by Rey Solo on Tue 05 Feb 2013, 19:17

*sings* Rocky Mountain high!!!!!!! In Colorado! smile

I remember bits and pieces of this one.
Rey Solo
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