6x10 "The Brotherhood"

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6x10 "The Brotherhood"

Post by Cassiopeia on Mon 04 Feb 2013, 18:57

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Title: "The Brotherhood"
Written by: Little Albatross
Original Air Date: 17 November 2003
Rating: PG

Summary: Mulder feels threatened when two of his own Super Buddies join Kersh for a weekend cookout.

Review By: Cerasi J.

“I love Bert and Ernie!”

Tonight’s remarkable episode starts with da Skinman, Brad and Alvin in a meeting, just as the meeting is about to end Kersh invites Brad and Wally to a cook-out and to join his new fun group “The Brotherhood”. (And all this time we thought that Alvin was tragically born without a personality!) Mulder, after hearing about this, goes nuts and insists Monica, Walter and Brad are all traders to Super Buddies!

So Mulder, being… well, Mulder, pleads with Kersh to combine The Brotherhood and Super Buddies, so they can share their members. Kersh refuses, setting Mulder off again. But this time Foxxy has decided to have a little party of his own, just to spite the traders of Super Buddies! Will Mulder learn that his Super Buddies need a life, too? Or will he just keep harrassing them? Find out in tonight’s fab new epi! =)

* What did you like and dislike about "The Brotherhood"?

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Re: 6x10 "The Brotherhood"

Post by TheInvisibleMan on Mon 04 Feb 2013, 19:27

I love FRVS Kersh. biggrin
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