6x09 "My Shirt Isn't Undies"

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6x09 "My Shirt Isn't Undies"

Post by Cassiopeia on Sun 27 Jan 2013, 11:30

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Title: "My Shirt Isn't Undies"
Written by: Dana Doggett
Original Air Date: 29 September 2003
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Skinner and Scully decide that they need to hang out and repair their friendship after some difficulties today and previous days.

Review By: Cerasi J.

“We never speak of this to Monica.”

Tonight’s episode starts with Scully, who seems to be the getting the brunt of everyone’s anger since the trip to Europe! And Scully only wants one small thing: a desk of her very own in the small, basement office she and Mulder share. And she’s desperate. So desperate, she decides it’s time to hang up the badge, turn in the gun and snap on a pair of latex gloves. (And not to perform alien autopsies, either!)

As Scully is typing a letter that tells Skinner to “take this job and shove it”, Monica is joining an old, but familiar, friend for lunch and Brad and Doggett have snuck off for a fishing trip. (But don’t tell Monica!) After reading Scully’s letter of resignation, Skinner realizes how damaged the Dana/Wally relationship is. Will Scully and Skinner put their differences aside and renew their long friendship, or will it lead to something more… again? Find out in this spankin’ new episode!

* What did you like and dislike about "My Shirt Isn't Undies"?

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Re: 6x09 "My Shirt Isn't Undies"

Post by TheInvisibleMan on Sun 27 Jan 2013, 19:44

Walter. You're on my caller ID.
I love FRVS Kersh.
And I think Brad is my favourite character. biggrin
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