2x17 "Sissy Boys"

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2x17 "Sissy Boys"

Post by Cassiopeia on Mon 15 Oct 2012, 21:56

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Title: "Sissy Boys"
Written by: Little Albatross
Date: 2000
Rating: PG

Summary: What the Syndicate does in the free time together...

* What did you like and dislike about "Sissy Boys"?

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Re: 2x17 "Sissy Boys"

Post by TheInvisibleMan on Mon 15 Oct 2012, 22:47

I liked it. biggrin I love that the 1st Elder is so flighty, that they all just sit around watching tv when nothing serious is going on, and that Spender brought the beer (I wish he had stayed for the movie rolleyes ). Interesting that CSM seems to be pretty much the only serious character around in FRVS. And I love that Krycek and Marita are so into the habit of taping all their fun times together...
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