1x12 "The Karaoke Bar"

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1x12 "The Karaoke Bar"

Post by Cassiopeia on Wed 19 Sep 2012, 22:08

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Title: "The Karaoke Bar"
Written by: Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
Date: 1999
Rating: PG

Summary: Mulder and Krycek decide to have a life and invite Marita to go with them to a karoke bar, they run into some friends and Krycek entertains us just a bit.

* What did you like and dislike about "The Karaoke Bar"?
* Have you got any embarrassing karaoke bar stories to share with the rest of the class?

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Re: 1x12 "The Karaoke Bar"

Post by TheInvisibleMan on Thu 20 Sep 2012, 00:13

Again, it's Scully and Skinner that score the big prize from me. The thought of Skinner proposing... woohoo I like that we got a nice happy ending.

No-go on the karaoke stories here, I've never even been to a karaoke bar. The closest experience I've had is people playing Singstar in the loungeroom, and no-one embarrassed themselves, so that's not very interesting. rolleyes
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Re: 1x12 "The Karaoke Bar"

Post by Sue866 on Sun 07 Oct 2012, 23:50

Hehe, a drunk, slurring Krycek who tries to sing Whitney Houston. Hahaha.

I like the silly Mulder all excited about the train ride. That's quite an elaborate hijinx they did to clear out a seat for Marita. haha.

I got a kick out of Krycek threatening Skinner with hitting the button. Haha.
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Re: 1x12 "The Karaoke Bar"

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