RP: "I honestly believe Doggett loves Scully..."

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RP: "I honestly believe Doggett loves Scully..."

Post by Cassiopeia on Tue 24 Jul 2012, 21:23

August 15, 2001. From a TV Guide interview with Robert Patrick

Can you spill any secrets about next season?
I'm going to be the baby-sitter for Scully's baby! You'll see more of what went on in Doggett's past. Monica Reyes [Annabeth Gish] and I are going to go out and do some case solving too.

Will Doggett finally get lucky?
I hope so. I honestly believe Doggett loves Scully but he doesn't want to impose himself on her. But I also think he had something going with Reyes. I'd like to see it where Doggett's got stuff going on with everybody!

I like the jokes he makes about being the baby-sitter for Scully, and wanting to see Doggett having stuff going on with everybody LOL

But I do believe he was serious when saying he believes Doggett loves Scully and doesn't want to impose himself on her, as that is very true to his character, and I do believe that he was under the impression that Doggett and Reyes had smthg going on with Reyes in the past (but the writers never wrote anything like that so... perhaps he was just speculating on that, or was informed of this being part of their story and then Carter decided against it, who knows).

Good to know the man who should know the Doggett character better than anyone believes that Doggett loves Scully smile I mean, I knew this years ago, but it's nice to re-read it sometimes peace

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