Fear The Jar

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Fear The Jar

Post by Cassiopeia on Tue 01 May 2012, 13:31

coolbyrne explains "Fear The Jar" - 19 June 2002 on the SHODDS mailing list
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The "fear the jar" thing started after a comment over at the Robert
Patrick Experience, then some troll came over to the about.com XF
board and I told them simply to fear the jar. (ie. Careful what you
say, or you might find yourself stuffed into a Skippy Peanut Butter

Well, us regulars had such a laugh over that one, that we got t-
shirts made up! There's about 20 of 'em floatin' around.. and one of
the proud owners is Robert Patrick. I think of that every time I
wear the shirt. *drool* I got the candy made up just as a joke to
send to all those who bought a shirt. Mmmmm.. caramel. *grin*



I know coolbyrne is a member here at SoX and comes on rarely so... coolbyrne, any chance you got any of those "Fear The Jar" t-shirts still laying around for a fan? I'd love to have one LOL peace I know back in the day that I got a few of the bumper stickers with the robert-patrick.com website URL on it, probably still have those packed away somewhere come to think of it... I just don't use a bumper sticker anymore since RP's official website is gone.

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